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Seed & Forage Bags offers bags for harvested grains

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Seed & Forage Bags offers grain storage systems that are economic, safe and profitable. The storage systems offered by Seed & Forage Bags help in storing crops or pastures in bags. The bagging and packing processes are carried out by low cost, high performance machines. These machines from Seed & Forage Bags are easily transportable too.

Seed & Forage Bags aims to maximise the profit of clients by minimising the loss of grains and crops. Staff from Seed & Forage Bags is also continuously trained for constant improvement.

Once the grains are harvested from the fields, they are stored in the seed bags and forage bags in the same field. These bags from Seed & Forage Bags are made using new materials and stringent standards are followed for their production. The grains or forage are then stored in these bags using the seed bagger or forage bagger equipment.

The harvested grains are pushed into the bags, offered by Seed & Forage Bags, with the help of augers. Stretching of the bags is controlled by the adjustments of the brake. The machine, thus, advances slowly as and when the bag is filled.

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