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Rose clovers and Strawberry clovers offered by Seedmark

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Seedmark  provides various seed products and offers a number of services related to seed production and distribution. Some of the products offered by Seedmark include pasture legumes, field crops, spices, Alfalfa and so on.

Clover is one of the products from Seedmark. Strawberry clover is a deep rooted, small leaved clover which has a prostrate growth. This clover adapts to al types of soils and shows good growth in autumn, summer and spring. Careful management of the plant is required as the seedling vigour of this clover is low. This clover offered by Seedmark is resistant to commonly occurring diseases and insects as well.

Seedmark also offers Rose clover which is an annual clover. This has a semi erect growth pattern which grows even in low fertile soils. This clover does not tolerate water logging and it shows early maturity. Good herbage production is seen in this plant due to its deep root. This plant from Seedmark is also suitable for areas having marginal rainfall. Rose clover is non-bloating, palatable and shows good growth in spring. This plant is also suited for long term paddock rotations.

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