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Seedmark offers Serradella legumes for sales

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Serradella is another product available from Seedmark . Cadiz is a French Serradella which has a semi erect growth pattern. This deep rooted plant from Seedmark produces good herbage even after traditional pastures become dry. This plant is suitable for medium and light acidic soils and it is also tolerant towards aluminium levels in the soil.

Cadiz offered by Seedmark has early maturity. It is a non-bloating and palatable crop which is also suited for continuous and hay grazing. This seed also provides the benefit of nitrogen input into the soil.

Erica is another French Serradella offered by Seedmark. This annual legume is deep rooted and hard seeded. This is suited for soils which have a long dry spell. Erica shows mid season maturity and it also shows acid tolerance as well. Since Erica is hard seeded it is suited for long term and medium pasture rotations. About ten percent of this seed is germinable at maturity itself. Another thirty percent of the seeds soften during periods of autumn. The remaining seeds soften in subsequent seasons. This property of the Erica seeds ensures long term persistence.

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