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Selected Seeds, based in Queensland, offers a wide variety of products, from pastures and grasses, to dahls and pulses. We als


Supplier news
23/07/08 - Selected Seeds offers a distinctive range of grass and pastures. Different grass and pastures from Selected Seeds include tropical grass, tropical legumes and forage crops.
Supplier news
22/07/08 - Selected Seeds provides a diverse range of pulses. These pulses are available at cost-effective rates. Selected Seeds supplies quality pulses to suit various customer requirements. Mungdahls display quality cooking features, while chilkas are availab
Supplier news
21/07/08 - Selected Seeds specialises in the supply of seeds and pulses. Selected Seeds supplies tropical as well as sub tropical seeds. Different seed varieties from Selected Seeds include Bisset Creeping Bluegrass, Medway and seeds of Finecut Rhodes grass.

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Selected Seeds (Head office) Update these details
22 Sowden St
QLD 4350
Tel: 07 4614 0244
Fax: 07 4614 0233
277 Bolsover St
QLD 4700
Tel: 07 4614 0244
Fax: 07 4614 0233
Grevillea St
QLD 4356
Tel: 07 4614 0244
Fax: 07 4614 0233
Dawson Hwy
QLD 4715
Tel: 07 4614 0244
Fax: 07 4614 0233

Selected Seeds Brands

Aztec Dawson Elite Endurance Finecut Gully Hylan Medway Nobby Pacific Seeds Riel Selected Pulse Foods Selected Seeds Shadegro Topcut

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