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Mungdahls and Green Mungbeans pulses from Selected Seeds

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Selected Seeds  provides a diverse range of pulses. These pulses are available at cost-effective rates. Selected Seeds supplies quality pulses to suit various customer requirements. Mungdahls display quality cooking features, while chilkas are available in a fine powdered form. The chickpeas variety of pulses from Selected Seeds are available in sizes of 7 millimetres, 8 millimetres and 9 millimetres. Green Mungbeans pulses from the company are available in medium and small sizes. These pulse seeds are available in three different grades such as sprouting, cooking and processing grades. The different varieties of Green Mungbeans from Selected Seeds include Berken, Emerald, Delta, Celera, Green Diamond and Satin.

The Regur Mungbeans pulse variety from Selected Seeds is also known as Australian Regur. This pulse is known for its taste and cooking qualities. White and Red Peas, from Selected Seeds, are also known as Caloona Cowpeas. Selected Seeds also provides Faba bean seeds. Split Faba seeds are available in even and uniform sizes. These seeds also possess quality cooking characteristics. Chana dahl seeds from Selected Seeds consist of bold and large seeds.

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