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Seeds of Bisset Creeping Bluegrass from Selected Seeds

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Selected Seeds  specialises in the supply of seeds and pulses. Selected Seeds supplies tropical as well as sub tropical seeds. Different seed varieties from Selected Seeds include Bisset Creeping Bluegrass, Medway and seeds of Finecut Rhodes grass. Seeds of Bisset Creeping Bluegrass can be established easily and capable of persisting on different soil conditions. Bisset Creeping Bluegrass includes late flowering plants that provide palatable and nutritious leafy feeds. These creepers are capable of covering bare ground with the aid of its stolons. Other features of Bisset Creeping Bluegrass include tolerance to drought, capability to grow on low fertility soil and can easily withstand fire as well as heavy grazing.

Medway seeds from Selected Seeds are drought tolerant as well as perennial seeds. These seeds have been specifically developed for forage as well as soil conservation. The unique feature of this Medway seed includes ability to thrive well in areas having rainfall averaging from 600 millimetres to about 900 millimetres. These plants form a dense mat on hard setting soils thereby function as an effective ground cover for conservation of soil. Medway plants are also attractive to cattle.

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