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Tropical grass and legumes from Selected Seeds

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Selected Seeds  offers a distinctive range of grass and pastures. Different grass and pastures from Selected Seeds include tropical grass, tropical legumes and forage crops. Tropical grasses grow ideally during summer and spring seasons. Diverse range of tropical grasses includes Baiha grass, Buffel grass, Creepy Blue grass, Gamba grass, Indian Blue grass, Kikuyu, Mollases grass, Bambasti and several other varieties of grass. Baiha grass from Selected Seeds needs to be grazed short to avoid unpalatable condition of the grass. Buffel grass thrives well on fertile soils. Gamba grass adapts well onto wetter sections of seasonal dry topics.

Tropical legumes from Selected Seeds include American Jointvetch, Amiga Stylo, Butterfly Pea, Caribbean Stylo, Centurion, Creeping vigna and Fine Stem stylo. American Jointvetch tropical legume is a tall growing annual plant that has the capability to grow in standing water for a specific period of time. Amiga Stylo legume from Selected Seeds adapts quickly to drier as well as cooler areas. These legumes have attributes including superior seed production as well as improved seed persistence.

Butterfly Pea tropical legume from Selected Seeds is a perennial legume that grows efficiently on heavy soils. Various other characteristics of this legume include non toxic nature, high protein content and devoid of bloating problems.

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