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Promate sire mating programmes from Semex

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Semex  conducts efficient sire mating programmes. These mating programmes have been specifically developed for the production of functional and reliable sires. Semex employs Promate mating programmes for breeding cows with quality attributes. The Promate mating programme is a simple and is conducted by Semex by utilising an inexpensive methodology.

Promate mating programmes from Semex incorporate balanced breeding methodologies. The Promate is a computer based mating programme that has been devised for enhancing the profit in genetic improvements. This mating programme also enables the elimination of guesswork and chance that is associated with corrective mating techniques.

Expert evaluators from Semex score each cow on an individual basis. This includes improvisation of certain traits followed by a discussion of various breeding objectives. The breeding objectives include the cost involved in the programme, conformation, workability standards and production rates. A computer programme is utilised for matching individual cows with a range of selected bulls with the help of genetic evaluation data that has been collected. This programme also focuses on pedigree information for minimising the inbreeding effects.

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