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EnviroSCAN soil monitoring solutions from Sentek Sensor Technologies

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Sentek Sensor Technologies  offers different types of sensing solutions. These sensing solutions have been specifically implemented for determining soil moisture content as well as management of fertilisers and salinity conditions. Sentek Sensor Technologies has been providing these sensing solutions for about 15 years. EnviroSCAN is one such sensing solution that has been devised by Sentek Sensor Technologies.

EnviroSCAN, from Sentek Sensor Technologies, is a complete and continuous soil water monitoring solution that is suited for a diverse range of applications. This sensing solution measures soil water by employing the Frequency Domain Reflectometry technique. The EnviroSCAN system from Sentek Sensor Technologies incorporates multi sensor capacitance probes connected to a data logging facility.

Various features of EnviroSCAN system include multiple sensors in combination with flexible depth placement, in built probe orientation that enables to increase sensor repeatability and capability to monitor soil moisture from shallow depths to deep installations. The EnviroSCAN system has a total of about 16 sensors per probe and the complete system can be customised to suit various applications. The sensors of this system do not have direct contact with the soil. The probes and sensors can be accessed as well as serviced easily and ensure to provide efficient operations.

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