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Beneficial features of Flush-It septic energisers from Septic Care

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Septic Care  provides the Flush-It eco friendly septic energiser in easy-to-use water soluble sachets. This septic energiser is the ideal septic tank treatment solution available at cost effective rates. Flush-It provides several beneficial features including rejuvenation of septic tanks as well as bio dead leach fields, safe and easy application, removal of foul smelling odours, liquefaction as well as digestion of solid organic matter and capable of biodegrading pollutants.

Flush-It septic energisers from Septic Care also enable to maintain clean drains and pipes. These septic energisers can efficiently digest paper and vegetable matter. Flush-It possesses several other features including natural and surfactant free product as well as production of individual enzymes as and when it digests the pollutants. These septic energisers minimise pumping methods and prove to be a cost effective septic tank treatment methodology.

The Flush-It septic energiser is supplied in pre measured water soluble half ounce packs. These energisers are composed of vegetative as well as spore forming bacteria that even include both anaerobic and aerobic bacterial strains. This septic energiser is formulated by using multi strains of bacteria.

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