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Hardi Mercury sprayers from Serafin Spray Centre

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Serafin Spray Centre  supplies Hardi series of sprayers. Hardi Mercury sprayers comprise of symmetric flow axial fans that possess the capability to provide high as well as uniform air volumes. Hardi Mercury sprayers from Serafin Spray Centre can easily penetrate tall dense trees such as citrus and cherry trees. These sprayers have tanks in varying capacities of 2000 litres, 2300 litres, 3000 litres and 3500 litres. Other features of these sprayers include air kits, deflectors, high speedy operation, diaphragm pump and electric or manual control units.

Hardi Zaturn axial trailers from Serafin Spray Centre can be used for a wide range of crops including small bushes and large trees. These sprayers possess a user friendly design that enables quick as well as efficient installation of the machine on any orchard. Various features of Hardi Zaturn sprayers include powerful and cost effective mistblower, polyethylene tank, manual or electrical control unit and capable of producing air volume ranging from 14000 metre cube per hour to about 52000 metre cube per hour.

Hardi Zenit wine linkage sprayers from Serafin Spray Centre incorporate features including polyethylene tank, Hardi diaphragm pump, manual or hydraulic booms and pneumatic or hydropneumatic spraying units.

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