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Frontier-P herbicides from Serve-Ag

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Serve-Ag  provides integrated crop management and analytical services for the efficient production of agricultural products. Serve-Ag offers these crop management and analytical services to a huge client base growing vegetables, fruits, nuts, pastures, turf, grapes, flowers and medicinal plants. Frontier-P herbicide is one such integrated crop management product offered by Serve-Ag.

Frontier-P herbicides have been specifically formulated for effective as well as efficient management of weeds. This is a pre emergent herbicide that can be used for controlling broadleaf and grass weeds. Frontier-P consists of an active ingredient such as Dimethenamid and suitable for usage in crops including pumpkins, green peas, poppies, sweet corn, green beans, navy beans and corn. Dimethenamid has a unique sulphur based ring structure that enables quicker activation as well as consistent control over the weeds.

Frontier-P herbicides from Serve-Ag possess good soil activity in combination with quick adsorption feature. These herbicides can efficiently disperse through the soil and also ensures to get uniformly distributed within the soil. Frontier-P herbicide can control the germination of weed seeds. These herbicides ensure to eliminate weeds efficiently as well as effectively.

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