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Commercial sheep from Severn Park Merinos

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Severn Park Merinos  specialises in breeding commercial sheep. These commercial sheep are bred by employing the Soft Rolling Skin breeding system. Severn Park Merinos adopts this breeding system for effective production of superior performing fibres having features such as fine microns and heavy cuts. Severn Park Merinos also ensures to produce sheep with functional traits including high meat production, fertility as well as constitution factors.

Breeding systems of Severn Park Merinos function on the basis of several key principles. These key principles include production of fine and superior processing fibres, highly heritable fibres as well as proper balance of advanced fibre production with constitutional requirements. The fibres produced by Severn Park Merinos possess qualities including high density, bright and horseshoe crimped fibres. Proper balance of fibre production with constitutional requirements ensures to increase the body size, hardiness and lambing percentages of the sheep.

Severn Park Merinos conducted pedigree analysis of all the ewes on an annual basis. This pedigree information is recorded in a computer database that can be used for retrieving information while conducting mating and selection programmes.

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