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Quad Purpose Merino sheep from Severn Park Merinos

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Severn Park Merinos  provides the Merino breed of commercial sheep. Severn Park Merinos produces Quad Purpose Merino sheep by using the SRS breeding system. This breeding system produces advanced SRS woollen fibres. SRS woollen fibres possess various attributes such as high value, superior processing wool and resistance to dust. These fibres are produced in high volumes. The lamb and mutton skins of sheep, produced by SRS breeding system, are non ribbed skins that are valuable to skin trade.

Quad Purpose Merino sheep from Severn Park Merinos provide high quality mutton and lamb products. These sheep mature at an early age and composed of characteristics such as high value cuts, excellent carcase value and desirable eye muscle depth. The eye muscle depth of Quad Purpose Merino sheep can be increased that enables to enhance the meat colour and palatability of the sheep. The increment of eye muscle depth also enhances the disease resistance quality and staple strength of the sheep. The Merino sheep of Severn Park Merinos include well sprung as well as hardy animals that possess quiet temperament nature.

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