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Marine alarm systems from Sharplift

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Sharplift  provides the Aqualarm, a type of marine alarm system, developed with a patented alarm device along with existing systems. Each alarm system is designed with a cooling water flow detector, suitable for marine applications.

The Smart switch features a timer device, designed along with the Aqualarm flow detector. It can be used to protect pumps and can be automatically switches the bilge pump on and off. Auqalarm systems, provided by Sharplift, consist of models such as boat fire alarms, audible and visual marine alarms, high water bilge alarms, hose to barb adaptors, Helmsman watch alarm systems, custom panels, detectors and switches, replacement parts, Lobster cams and ultimate systems monitor.

Other products from Sharplift include the Gas and Fume Detector and Telephone Voice Dialer. The Gas and Fume Detector is essential for marine safety. As for the Telephone Voice Dialer, it can be used in conjunction with existing alarm devices to call four telephone numbers, when activated. Sharplift is a well-known Australian stockist and distributor for a range of Aqualarm products.

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