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Shelter Station Pty Ltd provide portable shelters are the ideal solution when you need to protect your precious possessions from the elements. Put your car, boat, tools, tractor, truck or anything else inside and eliminate exposure to the weather, as well as storing your possessions out of sight. Manufactured out of a tough woven coated polymer fabric, with a frame of powder coated steel, these shelters are low cost and great value for the home, ... + View more


Supplier news
02/09/11 - The Backyarder greenhouses from Shelter Station are compact but stable hot houses. They are the great for backyards of any size.
Supplier news
27/06/11 - Shelter Station WA offers a wide range of shelters for carrying applications including the 6m container shelter.
Supplier news
11/03/11 - These new portable barns that have been designed as an affordable and relocatable alternative to conventional style barns.

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