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Healthy donor cows from Shilla Park Brahmans

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Shilla Park Brahmans  provides healthy donor cows for breeding purposes. The company also consists a number of healthy breeds of females to strengthen the genetic base. By using advanced embryo transfer methods, Shilla Park Brahmans can help in selective breeding. The different donor cows that can be found at Shilla Park Brahmans include Miss Siena Manso 384D by JDH 874 and many more.

Shilla Park Shining Star 395 and Shining Light 397 are also donor cows. They are embryo transferred by Lancefield Signature and Shilla Park Shania Manso 243 dam. An artificial insemination (AI) and embryo transfer (ET) was done on Shilla Park Ka Ching 296 by sire Mr V8 287/5 (Superstroke) and Shilla Park Joannie 136 dam.

FBC D Miss Siena Manso 384 is also a fertile donor cow by the Dakota sire JDH Mr Manso 288. It produces top calves both male and female. FBC D Miss Siena Manso 384 has given a calf at foot by JDH Mr Manso 874 and another ET calf by Dream Ranch Mr International 50 are 2 heifers.

Shilla Park Joanie Manso 136 from Shilla Park Brahmans is a thick well muscled daughter of JDH Datapack Granddaughter of FBC’s import JDH Lady Manso 969. Shilla Park Joanie Manso 136 produced two bull calves, as she was flushed to JDH Karu 800 and Lancefield Signature.

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