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Animal safety products from Shoof International

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Shoof International  provides various animal safety products such as antiseptic poultice veterinary dressing. This dressing is suitable for all kinds of cuts, wounds, inflammations and skin disorders. The dressing steri-protect poultice and antiseptic sprays are used for all animals. Antiseptic sprays like Chloromide 500 millilitres, Debrisol 500 millilitres and Repel –X 500 millilitres are available for Shoof International.

Chloromide 500 millilitres can be used to treat tropical infections and various bacterial skin diseases, wounds, cuts and abrasions. Debrisol 500 millilitres is an enzyme wound spray that helps in removal of pus and decaying tissue from wounds, ulcers and abscesses. Debrisol also improves the growth of healthy tissue and reduces scaring.

Repel –X 500 millilitres is used to kill and repel flies and other biting inspects from cattle, dogs, horses, pigs and all animals. Shoof International supplies paraffin oils for many animals and farm applications. Paraffin oil is available in 0.5 litre can and 5 litres can. It is suitable for treating of sand colic in horses.

As per new law, dogs on vehicles need to be securely tethered and comfortably accommodated. Shoof International provides double end that can be used, so dogs can longer have the run of the back of the truck or ute. These tether features with double swivel clips for comfort, ease and safety. It is available in 64 centimetres length.

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