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Handy seed spreaders from Shoof International

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Shoof International  supplies different types of spreaders suitable for seeding and fertilising applications. The 3kg handy spread is designed for small seeding and fertilising applications. In each handy spread, customers need to fill the hopper with seeds or fertiliser that needs to be spread.

The weedball spray applicator from Shoof International is always a ready to use applicator, suitable for all standard weed control application. It is not used to spray liquid. Weedball is suitable for glyphosate type weed killers. The glyphosphate is used at a 1:10 ratio as it is mixed for marking sports grounds, parking areas etc. Weedball not only removes the risk for overspray, it also reduces chemical usage up to 80 per cent.

Shoof International also provides push and spread with a capacity of 22 kilogram. It is a heavy duty poly-plastic spreader for various larger spreading applications. It is used for spreading fertilisers. A push and drop is available with a capacity of 22 kilo grams. Instead of a spinning disc it has a drop spreader that needs agitator. It features with a heavy duty poly hopper and poly wheels measuring 25 centimetres in diameter.

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