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Shoof International  provides different kinds of Matabi compression and knapsack sprayers manufactured in Spain by Goizper S. Coop. These Matabi sprayers are quality assured by European 'GS' German safety mark. Each Matabi knapsack sprayers are easy to use. It incorporates four stages of filtration to prevent nozzle blockage.

The four stages of filtration are filler filter, pump filter, valve filter and nozzle filter. Sprayer compression style 1.5 is a one litre can, different from other sprayers. It is easy for filling with liquids and powders. It also has a level indicator on the container. Sprayer knapsack super green from Shoof International is available in 12 litre as well as 16 litre can. It is a light weight sprayer with fibreglass lance, suitable for domestic gardens and block application. The 12 litre can is suitable for customers with back strain injury.

The sprayer compression from Shoof International is a one litre sprayer model made with heavy –duty resistance materials. It is suitable for farm chemicals like iodine, diesel, acids, disinfectant degreaser. It is available with a pressure safety valve to expel air rather than liquid.

Shoof International also provides sprayer compress total with seven multifunctions. It is a five litre can and built to handle farm chemicals and sprays. It is suitable for pest control products. Shoof International also provides sprayer compression with a capacity of 7 litres. It is designed for heavy- duty industrial applications. It features with a piton seal and is resistant to every farm and industry solvents as well as chemicals.

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