Signet’s Range of Acrylic Packaging Tapes

Signet’s Range of Acrylic Packaging Tapes
Signet’s Range of Acrylic Packaging Tapes
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Acrylic Packaging Tapes

Signet’s Own Solutions

The Signet’s Own range of Acrylic Packaging Tape is perfect for colder temperatures that may be encountered during shipping, storage, or at the items final destination.

This type of tape can be used for:

  • Sealing boxes for stores that may require fresh fruit and other produce
  • Packaging for fish markets or florists
  • Sealing lightweight boxes and parcels

Being part of the Signet’s Own range, customers don’t have to sacrifice quality for a lower price. The tape has been designed to meet the quality standards of other general packaging solutions—but at a much lower price point.

Other features of the tape include:

  • Choice of brown or clear tape
  • 28 micron(um) polypropylene tape
  • 48mm or 36mm widths available
  • Water based acrylic adhesive

If a machine tape is required, Signet’s Own Acrylic Machine Tape is also available. It is ideal for high volume users that require the tape to be applied at a faster rate. If a sealing machine is used to seal your boxes, the Signet’s Own Acrylic Machine Tape may also help reduce downtime as a larger 2000 metre roll is available. If there is more tape on the roll, there are less changeovers required and less downtime where the machine isn’t running.

Signet stock a range of carton sealers and erectors to improve productivity and efficiency in your workplace, and can be used with the Signet’s Own Acrylic Machine Tape.


Another option for Acrylic Packaging Tape is the tesa brand, which offers a brown or clear alternative to the Signet’s Own Acrylic Tape. Similarly, to the Signet’s Own Acrylic Tape, it is also ideal for colder temperatures due to its water-based acrylic adhesive. When applied correctly, it results in well-sealed cartons and parcels with every application.

The tesa 4262 Acrylic Packaging Tape also has a slightly higher micron measurement of 30 and is perfect for sealing light to medium cartons.

It is best suited for shrink wrap applications and for use on recycled board.

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To get the best results from your chosen tape, read through some of our tips below

1. For best results when using acrylic packaging tape, make sure that you avoid stretching the tape and apply using even downward pressure.

2. Make sure when applying tape, you’re in a clean and dust-free environment. Dust and dirt can affect the tapes adhesive abilities.

3. When storing the tape in-between uses, make sure that it is kept away from direct sunlight and stored in a dry, cool place to maintain the adhesives effectiveness.

No matter what item you need to package, Signet has a range of acrylic packaging tape products that can suit any difficult task ahead. Other products that can be used with tape to effectively package your products include packaging tape dispensers, cardboard boxes, doculopes, and labels.

With warehouses in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Townsville, we can get your order to you fast.

To find out further information, click here and view the range now!

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