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Silo Bag provide storage bags for grains and forage. The Silo Bag system stores grains and forage in a safe, economical and profitable way. Silo Bags store grain in an airtight environment, preventing the development and reproduction of fungi and insects, eliminating the need for chemicals.


Supplier news
23/07/08 - Silo Bag provides quality airtight bags using a laminated mix of three layers of polyethylene. The first two layers act as an ultra violet filter and the third layer is black, designed to keep the sunlight out.
Supplier news
22/07/08 - Silo Bag provides specially designed bag-filling machines for the storage of grains and forage. These machines can be filled directly from the header.
Supplier news
21/07/08 - Silo Bag provides the commercial loader designed and developed for various commercial applications like ports. Commercial loader is developed by Nifty Engineering of Holbrook from New South Wales. Commercial loader can be used for grain works with th

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