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Airtight bags for storing grains available from Silo Bag

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Silo Bag  provides quality airtight bags using a laminated mix of three layers of polyethylene. The first two layers act as an ultra violet filter and the third layer is black, designed to keep the sunlight out. These bags from Silo Bag are designed to stretch to a maximum length of 10 per cent.

These silo bags from the company can be emptied using machines that wrap the bags as they auger out the grain at capacities of up to 180 tonnes per hour. Grains from the bags can be extracted mechanically through the rigid extractor that is attached at the back of the tractor. The extraction rate is calculated at about 180 tonnes per hour. As these grains are extracted, a hydraulic machine rolls up the bag.

Silo bags can reduce storage costs for producers. Customers can deliver bug-free grains without the use of chemicals. As these bags are airtight, they create an atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide. This prevents the growth of fungus and insects. Silo bags are especially suitable for organic growers.

These bags are manufactured under strict standards of quality such as the ISO 9001. These bags are made of 100 per cent new materials and not recycled materials. Grains and forage can be stored directly in the silo bags.

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