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Commercial loaders available from Silo Bag

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Silo Bag  provides the commercial loader designed and developed for various commercial applications like ports. Commercial loader is developed by Nifty Engineering of Holbrook from New South Wales. Commercial loader can be used for grain works with the Mainero 2330 system.

The process is done through the mechanical system of three augers, one main central and two side sweeping augers. According to Silo Bag, the decision for choosing a mechanical system is based in considering a high work capacity of about 100 to 200 tonnes per hour. This work is carried out using low power tractors a minimum of 51.5 kilowatts. It also reduces the paying-off costs, manpower and fuel consumption.

Every side auger is equipped with a sweeping group along with three brushes that can work continuously in contact with the floor. This feature can cover the total length of augers. To provide an efficient sweeping, in spite of irregularities of the ground, each brush is used to furnish independent floatation springs. Silo Bag also provides Arkon unloader as well as Mainero accessories for the Mainero 2230 bagger. It is useful for unloading trucks into Silo Bags.

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