Silo Ventilation Systems

For over 14 years, Silo Ventilation Systems have been producing ventilators for grain silos to reduce condensation, heat build up and humidity for better quality grain.

Ventilation systems include air intake vents, fumigation chambers, grain management systems and chemical storage.


Supplier news
31/01/13 - There are two different silo vent units, one which is for use in all types of non sealed silos and the other, the Damper model is designed for use in sealed silos.
Supplier news
31/01/13 - Fitted to the underside or coned based silos or the ground level of straight sided silos, air intake vents (AIV) will work well with silo ventilation systems.

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Silo Ventilation Systems (Head office) Update these details
PO Box 79
VIC 3540
Tel: 1300 784 904

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