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Diesel fuel level indicator shows use or volume stored

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Silvan Australia  has further added to its Selecta Dieselpak range of equipment for farms, transport and the construction sector with the release of a Diesel Tank Level Indicator.

The fuel level indicator can be positioned up to 50 metres distant from a storage tank and provides a continuous numeric digital readout of the contents available in a diesel tank. The fuel level indicator is manufactured by Italian industry specialist Piusi and will continuously measure the volume of fuel contained in diesel tanks up to 4 metres in depth.

Upper and lower alarm levels can also be set so that the tank height and volume change as either mm, inches, litres, gallons or percentage full can be measured with an accuracy to plus or minus one percent. Silvan Australia spokesperson Leigh O’Rielly says that with high fuel costs most businesses are keen to measure and record their fuel use against a certain task or item of machinery to gain a cost or operating benchmark.

Another consideration is to prevent unlawful use or theft of fuel from storage tanks. The Piusi Diesel Tank Level Indicator employs a tube and probe which is inserted in the storage tank with placement of the recording fuel level indicator unit up to 50 metres away from the tank itself. The probe will monitor diesel, water or other fluids with viscosities up to 30cSt, for more viscous liquids such as oil an additional adapter kit is available.

The unit is easily installed and measures the static pressure generated by the fluid height in the tank and displays the fluid level or volume. The unit is provided with the control unit with intuitive and complete software that enables the type and dimensions of the tank to be set, alarm levels defined, the level indication and the unit of measurement set, and the instrument calibrated.

The control unit requires access to a 240 volt power source and is ideally located in an office or control area no further than 50 metres from the storage tank.  

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