Multiple Capacity Agrex Spreaders by Silvan

1000L Agred Spreader by Silvan
1000L Agred Spreader by Silvan
1000L Agred Spreader by Silvan 1500L Agrex Spreader by Silvan
2000L Agrex Spreader by Silvan
4000L Agrex Spreader by Silvan

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Agrex Spreaders

To ensure an even, accurate application Silvan have fertiliser spreaders designed specifically to match your application. Agrex has been established as a fertilizer spreader manufacturer for over thirty five years with an impressive record of research and development.

Precision Application Non-Clumping Spreader by Agrex

  • The steel components are first degreased, then varnished with espossidic powder and dried in an oven at more than 200°C to ensure consistent fertiliser application
  • Heavy duty chassis for ensured durability
  • Solid welded points, to prevent weakness or stress 
  • Rotor can be adjusted to change how much fertiliser is thrown left or right 
  • Filter grid to prevent fertiliser lumps blocking the gates and compromising quality, accuracy and spreading uniformity
  • 800L to 4000L capacity for multiple fertiliser and spreading needs

Silvan Australia has ensured that the Agrex Spreader range is capable of effectively spreading a whole range of fertilisers and seed products, ideal for small hobby farms to large scale agricultural operations. 

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