Multiple Capacity Silvan Horticulture Turbomiser Sprayers

2000L Spray System
2000L Spray System
2000L Spray System
3500L Spray System

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Silvan Horticultural Turbomiser Sprayers

Turbomisers atomise liquid and mix it with the current of air so well that the droplets are carried into the hard to reach areas of plants.

Time Saving Low Volume Silvan Horticulture Turbomisers  

  • “Low Volume” system significantly improves spraying time by applying chemicals at faster ground speed, reducing the number of tank refills
  • Less fill ups ensure faster spray times
  • The ability to spray high volumes saving time and money while reaching every inch of the plant
  • Less run off, resulting in less soil contamination from chemicals
  • Adjustable and interchangeable crop heads for different crop application, including vineyard heads
  • 1500L to 3500L capacity sprayers for both large and small spraying jobs

With smaller droplets it is possible to double, triple or quadruple the number of droplets per square centimetre of vegetative surface while using significantly less water than dilute spray rates.

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