Selecta Knapsack and Hand Sprayer Systems

Selecta Hand Sprayer with Impact Resistence
Selecta Hand Sprayer with Impact Resistence
Selecta Hand Sprayer with Impact Resistence Heavy Duty Selecta Hand Sprayer Knapsack Sprayer by Selecta Heavy Duty Knapsack Sprayer by Selecta

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Selecta Knapsack and Hand Sprayers

Selecta spray systems brought to you by Silvan Australia, the leaders in spray technology and solutions for both industrial and home needs.

Selecta Hand Sprayers with Dent and Impact Protection

Ranging from 4L to 14L the Selecta hand spray systems have been custom created for any spraying need, from carpet and concrete or agricultural uses such as farming, gardening and nursery spray requirements.

  • Ideal for concrete sealing, the brass pump barrel is able to withstand aggressive solvents
  • Hammer toned finish sprayers offer extra protection against impacts, denting and damage
  • Fitted with a brass suction filter to prevent any clogging or inhibition of the flow ability
  • Chaplin Pro series ideal for fertilisers, herbicides, cleaning products and a variety of less corrosive solvents
  • Chaplin series all provided with a variety of adjustable brass and plastic nozzles for multi-purpose spray needs
  • All spray products come with a corrosion resistant spray lance 
  • Heavy duty industrial hand sprayer available for all carpet spraying applications

Selecta Knapsack Sprayers with Spill Safe Lid 

Ranging from 15L to 18L the Selecta knapsack spray systems are ideal for all spot spraying needs on your farm, in your home or nursery, complete with adjustable shoulder straps for ultimate fit and comfort. 

  • Chaplin Pro Knapsack series come with three different nozzles adjustable to fit any spraying need, including flat flan plastic nozzle 
  • Spill free lid to ensure total safety of user from any chemical hazard
  • Suitable for a wide range of spraying needs from pesticides and herbicides to mould control
  • UV stabilised Polytuff tanks to withstand the harsh Australian elements for long durability

Selecta sprayers are lightweight and have been built with the user in mind for easy chemical application. 

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