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Silvan Australia adds Breviglieri rotary hoes and power harrows to it's range.

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Silvan Australia We took a wide ranging look at the best available equipment from Europe and we have all agreed that the Brevi range completely meets all our expectations. Breviglieri is also a significant exporter to other parts of the world and offers Silvan the type of continuous product improvement, product quality and has acquired the Australasian importation and distribution rights for the extensive range of powered cultivation equipment including rotary hoes and power harrows from Breviglieri.

Silvan has just hosted a visit to Australia by members of the Breviglieri Company who continue the family-owned traditions of a manufacturer of more than  sixty years standing.  They were also present at Silvan’s launch of the range to their national dealer network at a major function in Melbourne.  Breviglieri offers rotary hoes and power harrows in a progressive range of working widths from sizes which suit both hobby farmers and their small horsepower available from 0.85 metres working width, up to large full width or hydraulic folding machines up to 7.0 metres in working width, designed for major scale horticultural, agricultural or pasture based enterprises.

The Brevi rotary hoes are a popular choice around the globe for farmers and contractors converting previous uncultivated ground into a highly productive seed bed or growing environment There are rotary hoes to suit every available tractor horsepower from 15 kW up to 225 kW (20 to 350 horsepower). Brevi rotary hoes offer high quality durable construction plus a range of features including phased rotors on power harrows and interchangeable standard, spiked and straight bladed rotors on rotary hoes.  These can ensure that the right soil structure and condition can be created in a one-pass operation. In addition, the rotary hoes can become a cultivation and seed drill combination with the addition of popular seeding machine choices.

“We are confident that the Brevi range with its reputation for quality construction, reliability and optional equipment such as seed drills will prove an ideal choice for Australia’s productive agricultural enterprises”. continues Silvan Australia’s sales manager John Ciavarella.

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