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Silvan has spray equipment for spring locust hatch

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With forecasts of the worst Spring locust hatch in seventy five years farmers and crop producers are already paying attention to evaluating the likely locust activity on their farms and local districts.

Spray equipment manufacturer Silvan Australia says it is already seeing the response from farmers to determine the best spray management solutions.

SiIvan Australia spokesman Gavin Wheatcroft says that the enquiry is such that his company is fast tracking a production run of the Silvan Jen-ell Mister Sprayers as this unit provides optimum coverage due to its multi-jet outlet that allows higher spray output.

“Of our current production run one third of the units have already been presold to farmers preparing to mount their locust defences.

“So there is a definite urgency factor in creating a suitable spray response ready for the hatch,” Wheatcroft says.

The Jen-ell Mister is a proven member of the Silvan Australia sprayer range.

With a 500 litre capacity the unit is ideal for broad acre misting to control locusts and other insects. The unit is fitted with in-cabin controls to adjust the outlet angle to fine tune the spraying swath width.

Wheatcroft says that Silvan Australia offers an extensive range of linkage choices with TeeJet Boomjet nozzles and Hypro Boomless nozzle kits which will suit a range of Rakpak, Trukpaks and linkage units.

There is also the Silvan motorised Squatpak sprayer, the NBB-M18 motorised mister and the Casotti linkage field sprayer with its three oscillating spray jets providing uniform coverage up to 12m that provided an alternative to a standard spray boom.

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