Strong and Robust the Breviglieri Rotary Hoes and Power Harrows

Power Harrow by Breviglieri
Power Harrow by Breviglieri
Power Harrow by Breviglieri Power Harrow by Breviglieri Rotary Hoe by Breviglieri Rotary Hoe by Breviglieri

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Breviglieri Rotary Hoes and Power Harrows by Silvan Australia

Thanks to continuous product development Breviglieri Power Harrows and Rotary Hoes have a well deserved and exemplary reputation for their performance but also for their time, cost and power saving ability.

Breviglieri Power Harrows for Demanding Agricultural Conditions

  • MekFarmer 150/150 SF/220 SF use a one piece, ‘en-bloc’ rotorshaft and blade holder support flange
  • With support bearing stop and bottom, the rotors are able to withstand demanding working conditions
  • Extra support is supplied from the gear tray manufactured using a special ‘Domex’ steel, this provides strength with flexibility for long-term reliability
  • The stone collar protectors and double labyrinth protect the bottom rotorshaft seals and bearings from soil contamination
  • The round blade holders and collar protections also prevent stones and clods from damaging the underside of the flat-bottomed gear tray

Breviglieri Rotary Hoes for use in Hard or Soft Soils

  • Rotor or blade options to match soil conditions
  • Performance based gearboxes built to ISO standards
  • A durable box-section construction with a square front bar, tubular side bars and the 3 point headstock with the gearbox forms a heavy-duty assembly
  • Gear drives are standard on 90-250 HP rotary hoes (with optional chain drives). Smaller units from 30 to 90 HP come standard with chain drives (and optional gear drives)
  • A clearance of up to 65mm between the frame and blades allows tilled soil to flow smoothly without flooding
  • Double tight oil seals in steel and rubber prevent any external contamination from dust or water

Breviglieri are available from 0.85 metres working width, up to large full width or hydraulic folding machines up to 7.0 metres in working width, designed for minor or major scale horticultural, agricultural or pasture based enterprises. 

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