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Italian sprinklers from Sime Irrigation (Aust)

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Sime Irrigation (Aust)  provides high quality Italian sprinklers like the Mariner, designed to provide light and uniform rainfall all over the specified area. Mariner is a full and part circle sprinkler equipped with nozzles. These nozzles are of various sizes in diameter and can be adjusted with a jet-breaker. Each jet-breaker helps in even distribution of rainfall all over the watered area.

Sime Irrigation (Aust) also provides customised models based on Australian conditions and developed for Australian specific uses. Mariner can be designed to obtain watering efficiency. Mariner can be supplied with slow or fast gearbox required for the speed of rotation.

Since Mariners are gear driven sprinklers, it does not cause the vibration damage to supporting infrastructure. A customised Washdown Mariner is a type of Mariner from Sime Irrigation (Aust) that can be used to clean under conveyor belts. Commonly it is used to wash cattle and dairy yards.

Adjustable Angle Mariner customised by Sime Irrigation (Aust) features with an adjustable downward elevation angle and a deflector plate. It can be used to cover a part or full circle. Dust Suppression Mariner is also a customised Mariner that can be used for dust suppression. It is frequently used in close proximity to vehicles or moving equipment.

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