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Quality skippers from Sime Irrigation (Aust)

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Sime Irrigation (Aust)  provides quality skippers that can be equipped with nozzles and jet-breakers to distribute water evenly across a specified area. Skipper is a gear driven sprinkler that gives smooth rotation and does not cause the vibration damage to supporting infrastructure.

As these skippers are gear driven sprinklers that functions with its smooth rotation it does not cause the vibration damage to supporting infrastructure. The smooth rotation is safer for operators due to the slow speed of external moving parts.

Customers can contact Sime Irrigation (Aust) for quotations regarding customisation of these skippers to suit to their particular requirement. High Pressure Mining Skipper is a type of customised skipper built to handle the high pressures that is commonly found in the mining industry.

This High Pressure Mining Skipper model appears to be identical to the standard skipper model, but has some minor internal modifications to support the higher pressures. It can be applied on agricultural industries. Skippers are highly designed for agricultural application. It is a low maintenance solution for watering large areas.

Skippers can also be used for dust suppression, as the standard skippers and custom designed High Pressure Mining Skipper provides even coverage over a large area. The High Pressure Mining Skipper can be used for fire prevention and control in Australian open cut coal mines.

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