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Air seeders from Simplicity Australia

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Simplicity Australia  produces a range of air seeders and cultivators suitable for agricultural and various industrial applications. These air seeders differ in specific features like blowers, drives, small seed bins, loading auger and monitors. Electronic scales are supplied standard on all 4500L to 15000L models.

The range of air seeders includes seven chassis configurations that comprise 43 standard models. The three bin models are used in distributing nitrogen, phosphorus and seed in one pass. Every model from Simplicity Australia is designed using steering systems where the castoring quad helps farmers to operate the unit more easily. These steering systems are available with high floatation tyres. All seeders feature with a swing away bottom door for easy cleaning and calibrating.

A standard seeding kit that comes with every model includes primary dividers, secondary heads and seeder hose as required. The different hose dimensions available are 75 millimetres hose from blower to primary divider, 45 or 50 millimetres hose from primary divider secondary heads and 32 millimetre hose for secondary head to planting tynes.

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