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Alpha-C insecticides from Sipcam Australia

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Sipcam Australia  supplies Alpha-C insecticides. These insecticides can be used for commercial applications. Alpha-C insecticides from Sipcam Australia have been specifically formulated for controlling insect pests such as red legged earth mites and blue oat mites. This insecticide is also effective in killing various fruit as well as vegetable pests. Alpha-C insecticide is composed of Cypermethrin in its active form.

Alpha-C insecticide, from Sipcam Australia, is a broad spectrum synthetic pyrethroid insecticide that can also control cut worms, webworms, pea weevils and aphids. This insecticide can also be used as an anti feedant for BYDV control. Alpha-C insecticide is a residual insecticide that can be used as a prophylactic measure for preventing the insect attack on crops.

Alphasip Duo insecticide from Sipcam Australia comprises of synthetic pyrethroid and ideal for controlling various insect pests. This insecticide is a contact and residual chemical that proves effective for eliminating existing larvae. Alphasip Duo insecticide can be applied either by mixing with water or in combination with oil based bilking agents. This insecticide offers effective results, when sprayed at the egg hatch stage of the larva.

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