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Commercial and domestic evaporative airconditioners from Smallaire

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Smallaire  provides commercial and domestic evaporative airconditioners. Commercial evaporative airconditioners are available in jumbo and portable models. Wall mounted jumbo evaporative airconditioners, provided by Smallaire, include features such as easy installation, wall mounted fixtures, free air discharge, automatic backdraft dampers and stainless steel fans. These wall mounted airconditioners possess heights, widths and depths of about 2350 millimetres, 2150 millimetres and 1000 millimetres respectively.

Mini jumbo evaporative airconditioners from Smallaire are available in a diverse range of colours. These airconditioners have been specifically designed for limited space applications and consist of features such as free air discharge and operational power conditions of 0.55 kilowatts. Portable evaporative hurricane airconditioners operate in a single phase power supply and are mounted on castor wheels.

Domestic evaporative airconditioners from Smallaire consist of components such as advanced wall control units, CELdek filtration units, axial fans, marine grade aluminium frames and outlets. The features of these airconditioners include efficient axial fans that are available at cost effective rates. The different outlets of these domestic evaporative airconditioners include multi directional ceiling registers, commercial plenums and two way wall registers.

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