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Canopy management workshops from Smart Viticulture

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Smart Viticulture  conducts canopy management workshops. These canopy management workshops have been specifically conducted to improve various viticulture practices. Dr Richard Smart, head of Smart Viticulture, conducts these canopy management workshops. These workshops incorporate illustrated lectures and vineyard demonstrations. The lecture given on factors affecting vineyard yield and wine quality include emphasis on all the important factors having impact on the quality and yield of wine. This lecture has also focussed on factors including aspects of climate and types of soil, clones and rootstocks, pest and diseases affecting the wineyards.

The canopy management workshops of Smart Viticulture also discuss several other lecture topics. The choice and management of winegrape training systems describes about various canopy management systems that are currently still in practice. These lectures focus on improvisation methods for enhancing the yield and quality of vineyards. The improvisation methods include row spacing, mechanisation and several other methods. The lecture on physiological basis for canopy management incorporates the evolutionary perspectives of viticulture. This lecture also discussed topics like sunlight effect on vine photosynthesis and fruit ripening.

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