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Training programmes for software solutions from SmarterFarming

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SmarterFarming  provides training on several software programs to its clients. SmarterFarming offers training in livestock management, farm management, weigh scales, GPS receivers and NLIS and RFID readers. These training programmes enable farm owners to effectively understand various farm management aspects and requirements. SmarterFarming also provides assistance to farm owners in selecting the appropriate software program. These software programs are chosen on the basis of farm requirements. SmarterFarming conducts individual and group training programmes. These training programmes are available at cost effective rates.

SmarterFarming provides several advisory services. These advisory services cover aspects such as financial management software, NLIS software, RFID livestock tags, animal management software, horticultural software, GPS technology, RFID tag readers, cropping management software, mapping software, cropping software and general farm software. Software solutions devised by SmarterFarming match the exact requirements of the clients. SmarterFarming ensures an increase in business profits by providing these software solutions.

SmarterFarming also offers compact discs, that enable customers to learn Practical Systems' software solutions effectively. These compact discs equip the user with various features of the software program including the basics.

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