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Walker series of commercial mowers from Smartyard

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Smartyard  supplies the Walker series of commercial mowers. These commercial mowers are suitable for a diverse range of applications. The Walker B series of mowers from Smartyard have been specifically designed for light commercial applications. Different features of these mowers include engine capacity averaging to about 18 horsepower, electric clutch, brake and maximum cutting width of about 56 inches. These commercial mowers are ideal for side discharging and mulching applications. Super B series of commercial mowers from Smartyard can be used for commercial and institutional uses. These mowers incorporate features including manual PTO clutch, brake, cutting width averaging to about 60 inches, remote air intake, dual tail wheels and ideal for side discharge or mulching applications.

Walker S series of mowers from Smartyard include features such as bushel catcher, cutting width of 32 or 42 inches and ideal for commercial and institutional applications. Walker D series of commercial mower from Smartyard is equipped with water cooled three cylinder diesel engine. These commercial mowers comprise of several features including shock mounted instrument panel, dual hydro axle, bushel catcher, manual PTO clutch, dual tail wheels and PTO drive shaft.

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