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Wall and wire saws from Smartyard

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Smartyard  provides outdoor power equipment. These outdoor power products include chainsaws, mowers, hedge trimmers, blowers, riders, stump grinders, power pruners, pressure cleaners and generators. Smartyard supplies the Husqvarna brand of outdoor power equipment. Husqvarna wall saws from Smartyard are available in two models such as hydraulic wall saws and electric wall saws. These wall saws have been specifically designed to provide efficient and reliable operations.

The WS 463 hydraulic wall saw, supplied by Smartyard, has been designed to create an efficient working environment. The blade of this saw can be positioned in close proximity to the track that accounts for increased performance. These saws have modular constructions that also offer accurate sawing. The WS 440 HF electric wall saws from Smartyard offer fast and efficient cutting operations. These electric saws possess adjustable speeds with retained power that enable the operator to choose the appropriate blade for cutting materials.

Wire saws from Smartyard have been designed for the removal of large concrete constructions such as bridges and fountains. These saws are capable of cutting materials of any depth and also ensure noise free operations.

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