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Knockabout series of axes from Snedden's Fencing Products

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Snedden's Fencing Products  offers a comprehensive range of products including axes, handles and axe covers. Snedden's Fencing Products designs Knockabout axes. These axes have designs of kangaroo carved on it. Knockabout axes are known for hardwearing and durable nature. These axes have been manufactured from different grades of alloys by using casting and forging methods.

Snedden's Fencing Products uses Nickel Chrome Moly alloy for manufacturing of Knockabout axes. This alloy imparts strength as well as durability to these axes. Snedden's Fencing Products also employs traditional methods for producing Knockabout axes. The axe blanks are casted after the heat treating procedure. These axe blanks are hand forged by blacksmiths for providing superior cutting edge. The blacksmith refines the grain structure of the axe that enables to create superior cutting edge. Knockabout axes are again heat treated after the forging of axes. The handles of these axes incorporate a large swell that enable to easily fit into the hands of the user.

Knockabout axes are pinned as well as individually numbered to ensure safety. These axes have either spotted gum handles or hickory handles. Knockabout axes have been specifically manufactured to suit the individual requirements of customers.

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