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Long Life Chaff available from SnoVac

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article image Long Life Chaff available from SnoVac

SnoVac  Long Life Chaff is a compressed and vacuum packed premium grade lucerne chaff that maintains its quality in both dry and humid conditions. 

SnoVacLonglife Chaff not only lasts a long time in adverse weather conditions, it lasts through mice infestations too. SnoVacLonglife Chaff allows customers:

  • To store lucerne through to winter when its scarce without the risk of deterioration in quality and wastage in storage
  • To stock up when drought conditions are increasinly prevalent
  • To have the capacity to store three to four times the quantity in the same space
  • To be able to take high quality fodder with them when they are on the move mustering 
  • To be able to transport horses food requirements with no mess 
SnoVac Longlife Chaff is available in convenient 14kg (7x2kg) blocks (2kg being enough for one horse for one day). 

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