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Compost tea liquid formulation from Soil Foodweb Insititute

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Soil Foodweb Insititute  offers compost tea for enhancing the growth of different soil life forms. Soil Foodweb Insititute provides accurate and efficient measurement of various life forms originating in soils. Compost tea is ideal for the inoculation of microbial life either into soil or foliage of plants. Compost tea is also ideal for adding the soluble nutrients either to the soil of foliage.

Compost tea from Soil Foodweb Insititute is available in liquid formulation. This liquid formulation has been produced by leaching different types of soluble nutrients as well as by extracting bacteria, protozoa and fungi from the compost. Compost tea has been specifically formulated for improving the life both in the soil and plant surfaces. Compost tea provides several beneficial features. These beneficial features include improving the plant growth, improving the nutrient retention process, improving plant nutrition, minimising harmful effects of chemical based pesticides and fertilisers and also enables to minimise the water loss.

Compost tea from Soil Foodweb Insititute also helps to increase the tillage by building proper soil structure. This liquid formulation improves the water holding capacity of the soil and increases the foliar uptake.

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