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Foliar and soil food web assessments from Soil Foodweb Insititute

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Soil Foodweb Insititute  conducts an extensive assessment of foliar food webs. These food webs constitute foliar organisms. Foliar organisms form a protective layer on stems, leaves and fruits. Foliar food webs are constantly affected by rain, wind, sunlight and pollution. This food web occurs on the aboveground parts of the plant. Foliar food webs are composed of organisms capable of preventing the growth of disease causing organisms. These organisms should be capable to close and open plant stomata. Foliar food webs comprise of organisms with the capability to degrade toxic materials.

Foliar food web has been assessed by Soil Foodweb Insititute with the help of certain factors. These factors include number of individuals or biomass constituting each group, activity state of different organisms participating in the food web, dominance factor of different organisms, type of the organism involved in food web and relation of the organism with the plant. These factors govern the extent of food webs. Soil Foodweb Insititute conducts these food web assessments by incorporating different techniques such as direct microscopy and enzyme assays.

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