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Quantitative assessments of soil from Soil Foodweb Insititute

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Soil Foodweb Insititute  conduct quantitative assessments of the soil. These quantitative assessments of the soil help in the study of various life forms surviving in the soil. Soil Foodweb Insititute emphasises on studying about these life forms thriving on soil. These quantitative assessments of soil help to promote healthier soil conditions. Soil Foodweb Insititute focuses on food web of the soil that also helps to promote plant growth as well as reduce usage of inorganic chemicals.

Healthy food webs of soil incorporate different organisms required for the proper functioning of the plants. The nutrients are present in readily available form for the plant uptake. Healthy food webs hold the important nutrients in non leachable forms, which are converted by the plant to leachable state. Healthy food webs must also have fungal and bacterial population in the correct ratio. These factors enable to increase the soil structure and nutrient cycling process. Soil Foodweb Insititute also emphasises on the fact that healthy food webs should be capable of producing the appropriate nutrient forms.

Healthy food webs provide numerous functions. Various functions provided by these soil food webs include building of soil structure, suppression of disease causing organisms, production of plant growth promoting hormones, decomposition of toxic compounds, protection of plant surfaces and several other functions. These food webs also enable retention as well as cycling of nutrients. The nutrients are supplied in appropriate quantities as required by the plant.

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