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Soil testing and analysis services from Soilmaster

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Soilmaster  specialises in providing soil testing and analysis services. These soil testing and analysis services have been specifically developed for general agricultural and business sectors. Soilmaster conducts analysis and testing of soil for presence of several factors including pH, water level, salinity, calcium chloride, soil texture, aluminium, phosphate, manganese and lime. Soilmaster also tests soil for the presence of trace elements such as copper, zinc, iron, sulphur and cobalt. Short crop tests, conducted by Soilmaster, have been specifically devised for accurate determination of nitrate and potassium levels. Soil testing and analysis services can also determine presence of heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium.

Soilmaster conducts several other soil analysis services including sieve analysis, agricultural lime analysis, heavy metal analysis, magnesium level analysis and moisture level of the soil. These soil analysis services can also be used for determining the neutralising value of soil and nitrogen content. Soilmaster is also capable of estimating the presence of organochlorines, contaminants and amount of fertilisers required for effective plant growth. Soilmaster conducts laboratory tests and produces results within six days. Soilmaster provides easily interpretable soil analysis and testing services.

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