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Remotes and controllers from Solar Gate

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Solar Gate  offers remotes and controllers. ATA remotes, supplied by Solar Gate, have four channels, while RX2 remotes comprise of features such as six pin plug in receivers and control boards. The 00701 series of remotes include a stand alone receiver with single channel feature. The 00701-2 series of remotes from Solar Gate are stand alone receivers with dual channel features.

Controllers, from Solar Gate, are available in a variety of models. The GATCO12DCH series of controllers, from Solar Gate, include control boards specifically designed for double swing gates. Bush pack control boards can be used for single swing gates, while ADC-302 controllers are suitable for solar slide gate motors. The ADCEC series of controllers can be used for single swing gates.

Solar Gate offers a wide range of solar panels. These solar panels include 5 watt solar panels, 10 watt solar panels, 20 watt solar panels and others. Solar Gate supplies a diverse range of accessories including hinges, brackets, wheels, rollers, electrical units and several other miscellaneous accessories. The Euro series of 240v swings have motors, weighing about 300 kilograms and widths averaging to about five metres.

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