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Wireless security keypads from Solar Gate

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Solar Gate  offers wireless security keypads. These wireless security keypads operate on nine volt DC battery. These security keypads can store about 20 reprogrammable pin numbers. AC-Q41H series of security keypads from Solar Gate include stainless steel wired in keypads. Different features of these keypads include multi user and multi access option, built in heater, resistance to moisture, tamper proof and can be used simultaneously by about 500 users. These wired in keypads provide normal, secure and master access modes.

The AC-Q41SB series of wired in keypads from Solar Gate have stainless steel back lit features. Other features include durability, built in heaters, water resistance and multi user options. Push button security keypads are water resistant keypads having low security general access feature. J45 electric locks from Solar Gate operate on 12 volts and specifically manufactured for locking of double gates. These locks have plunger latch and drop bolt mechanism. V90 electric locks from Solar Gate include ground and side mountable locks. These electric locks have been designed from heavy duty galvanised steel.

Mechanical latches from Solar Gate have been specifically designed to be used along with different models of Euro single gate kits.

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