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Kaneka solar panels from Solar Pumps

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Solar Pumps  supplies Kaneka series of solar panels. These solar panels are operable in power conditions ranging to about 12 volts. Solar Pumps offers these solar panels at cost effective rates. Kaneka solar panels are large sized panels that possess -10 percent rating features.

Kaneka solar panels from Solar Pumps include amorphous silicon PV modules. These modules are capable of generating high power during summer conditions. Kaneka series of solar panels from Solar Pumps do not lose this power generation capability with increase in temperature conditions. These panels also possess the capability of superior light absorption in comparison with other crystalline modules. Kaneka solar panels also generate higher amount of energy. These panels have extremely thin construction when compared to regular crystalline panels.

Solar Pumps also distributes fixed solar array systems. Solar Pumps offers Grundfos series of three panel fixed solar array systems. These fixed solar array systems comprise of several features including stainless steel metal components, low water level sensor, low and high voltage protection, maximum power point tracking, Grundfos SQ Flex-N submersible solar pumps and GF80 solar panels.

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